Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pancakes, Race refuel drink and Albuquerque half recap 4-27-13

Well good morning friends!
I'm on a roll, this is the third day in a row that I have posted recipes, boohoo

So I wanted to share something with all 5 people that read this blog.  I have decided to do a FULL marathon this fall at the Duke City Marathon.  Yup I'm crazy and yup I'm scared!  Since I was not at all a runner when I did my first half and "trained" for all of 2 weeks before I did my first Duke City Half Marathon, I thought that would be the perfect race to do my first full Mary.  Now I'm going to start running even more, didn't really think that was possible but apparently I have a few extra minutes that I will be filling with extra mileage on my running shoes.  Which just reminded me I need new running shoes!  With all of this extra running I plan to be doing I have decided to record my marathon training journey here, for me too look back and see my progress and remember my pain, because there will be pain.... lots and lots of pain...... so I've been told ;-)

I've done lots of half marathons.  Its a fun race.  I love the excitement of the starting line and the sense of accomplishment at the finishing line.  Its the perfect distance because a day or two later I can do my usual trainer torture session or run.  This past weekend how ever I had my first experience with cramping.  Cramping so bad I couldn't keep going and had to stop, sit on the side of the road and rub out my twitching and contracting calve muscles.  WORST TIME EVER!  Not even my first half marathon took me that long to complete.  While I can say I am proud I got up and finished, I was very disappointed in my time.  I have got to say, that is something I wish to never experience again.  Now I don't do Gatorade, I have issues with drinking something that was chemically engineered to basically be reconstituted sweat and power aid because it gives me a tummy ache.  I know, I know,  I'm just being difficult.  I usually run with just water, nothing special.  For my last few races I have started added in some form of electrolyte replacement and after many trials have come up with my own that is pretty tasty.

Coconut Water, provides potassium and refreshingly tasty
Sea Salt for sodium of course
Raw Organic Honey for some added carbs, my favorite!
Fresh Orange, Lemon and Lime

Basically I throw all of this into a large water bottle and shake!

Most people I know love the carb loading night before because its a wonderful excuse to have something that would otherwise not be part of their diet.  I generally don't over do it because I have learned that I don't feel so great the day after eating too much carbs.  For me a baked sweet potato, some brown rice or a little frozen yogurt is sufficient.  I do like to have some carby oatmeal or healthy pancakes the morning of long runs.

My favorite healthy pancakes are very easy to make.

1 Banana
1 tbsp Almond Butter, plus 1 to top the pancakes with
1 Eggs

I place all in my handy dandy magic bullet and blend till smooth.  If you want some added protein, you could add a scoop of your favorite protein powder.  I have tried it and it works pretty well.

 I found this recipe on one of my favorite blogs Carrotsncake, hers are 2 ingredient pancakes, I of course made a few adjustments.  Cook just like you would regular pancakes, top with almond butter and some berries. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful weekend, I'm off to get a lil dirty at Warrior Dash with my favorite fit buddy!

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